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September 2008 Stats

In an effort to do as Krista does at Londonelicious (but without snazzy graphics because I’m a technologically-challenged moron that way), here’s my summary of September 2008 stats for this blog.

I had 15,786 page views last month, and over the last 30 days, my top five blog-only (i.e., not google or other “regular” website) sources of traffic were:

Londonelicious (by far my biggest source of traffic from a blog)

The Thoughtful Dresser (a fun and smart read, so give it a try even though it’s nothing to do with food)

Gourmet Chick (many thanks for linking to my posts on Russia and even trying out one of my recs)

Tasty Treats (whom many of you know as Charmaine Mok, an increasingly-prolific TimeOut reviewer)

New Yorker in London (not entirely a food blog, but that’s what’s fun about checking Tara’s blog)

Thanks to the wonderful bloggers above who bring me traffic, and of course, thanks to all of you for reading and commenting.

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