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One Year

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of our having moved here to London. Seems as good a time as any to look back on the last 12 months.

August – Sunday, 21 August 2005 – we arrive.

September – We get our bearings, unpack, spot an Earl at Wilton House, see Stonehenge (keywords: tourist and trap) and then spend a week in Italy at the Villa Trotta in Perdifumo with Colleen and Mike. It turns out Amalfi really *is* pretty.

October – Hamburg. Gayle and Steve come to visit.

November – Barcelona with Bobby, Cathy and Lauren. Kinsale and the Ring of Kerry.

December – Mom, Dad and Dee come to visit. Week in Paris.

January – I rejoin the ranks of the gainfully employed, but the fun and games aren’t over. The exchange rate sits at a perfectly affordable $1.7 to the pound.

February – Visit to Lyon to see Jeff and Bridgette. The big 3-0 hits. A quick trip to NY for Rachel and Tom’s wedding.

March – Gayle, Steve, Matt & Danny visit, and we squeeze in a four-day trip to Prague. Colleen and Mike pop by for a quick 48 hours.

April – Easter holiday weekend and then some in Granada, Cordoba and Seville with Cathy, Bobby, Lauren and Jane as excellent travel companions. The Fat Duck lets us down. Julie and Lu come to visit, and so do Yana and Mike.

May – Our 3d anniversary in Paris, and of course we meet Colleen and Mike there. Helen and Nick come to see us. We venture to another part of the UK for the first time since September – to see Cambridge. May bank holiday in Amsterdam with Anthony.

June – A speedy trip to Boston for work, followed by four days in Cairanne in Provence at the Domaine de l’Ameillaud villa. Jon goes on a work junket to the World Cup in Berlin to catch the Germany/Argentina quarter final.

July – Rachel and Tom are here during Wimbledon. Jon and I tourist out in London.

August – Dan, El and Ben come to see us. Jon’s planned 3-0 in Rome gets sidetracked by the terrorists on 10 August. And here we are, 21 August 2006 with the exchange rate at $1.9 to the pound. It’s almost funny. [Postscript – we ended up rescheduling our trip to Rome at the end of August.]

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