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Nachos at Crazy Homies restaurant, Notting Hill

Friends I trust have raved for ages about Crazy Homies restaurant, so once again, the Tex Mex trail lead me to Notting Hill.

Calling Crazy Homies a restaurant is a little misleading — it’s more like a charming, quirky closet that somehow manages to find room enough to serve tequila and simple, fresh food at three or four cafe tables. (If you’re super lucky, you can snag the comparatively-big five-person round table in the back corner).

taquitos at Crazy Homies restaurant, Notting Hill

Except for a few misses (avoid the greasy, over-salty, admittedly-un-Mexican goat-cheese taquitos), I enjoyed my lunch there. And did I mention it’s cheap? £13 per person covered a shared appetizer, a main course and a drink.


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