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a view of the garden from Barnsley House dining room in the Cotswolds

Ironically, one of the greatest things about living in London is how easy it is to leave the country. From January to December last year, I traveled to New York, the Ribera del Duero in Spain, Madrid, New York again, Barcelona, Paris, Istanbul, Paris a second time, the Loire Valley in France, Paris a third time, Los Angeles, San Diego, Provence, Paris a fourth time, Munich, New York again, Boston and Palm Beach, Florida.

So. All that travel. Lots of meals. Here’s the most memorable and delish of the year:

cochinillo at Restaurant Jose Maria (Segovia, Spain)

Restaurant Jose Maria in Segovia, Spain knows how to serve a roast suckling pig (cochinillo). The piglets are days old, and the restaurant prepares the crackling so perfectly that the servers divide up your cochinillo using nothing but a plate edge. It’s fun to watch, but eating the pig is the main attraction. This is how it’s done.

hoisin pork in a steamed bun at Momofuku Ssam Bar (New York)

Pork bun sandwiches at Momofuku Ssam Bar in New York. Pork has never tasted so melt-in-your mouth.

mini financiers from Maison Eric Kayser (Paris)

Maison Eric Kayser’s mini-financiers are nutty and sweet with a moist, chewy center. Buy a bag because they make the perfect walking-around snack in Paris. Unlike les macarons, financiers aren’t easily crushed, and mini-anything is always extra appealing, no?

Bar Mut's carpaccio huevos fritos (Barcelona)

Bar Mut’s carpaccio huevos fritos speaks to breakfast lovers everywhere. Crispy shoestring potatoes + hot, gooey egg yolk = match made in heaven.

fried anchovies at Furran Balikcilik in the Karakoy fish market (Istanbul)

I ate so many delicious and memorable meals in Istanbul that it’s hard to pick just one dish, but if pressed, I’d name the fried anchovies at divey outdoor restaurant Furran Balikcilik, located in the Karakoy fish market. I don’t recall eating fresher, meatier anchovies than these, ever, and the guy who deftly battered and fried these fish should be working the fryer at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

updated baklava at Muzede Changa (Istanbul)

Argh. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t leave so many great meals in Istanbul represented by a mere single entry. Muzede Changa, with its gracious hospitality and gorgeous outdoor terrace, served one of the best meals I ate all year, and their “updated” baklava served with clotted cream and quince puree transformed me into a baklava lover.

huevos rancheros at Tacos Por Favor (Santa Monica, California)

I love breakfast, and I love Cal-Mex food. Which means that as long as it’s made hot and fresh, huevos rancheros will get me very time. Good work, Tacos Por Favor.

burger, fries and onion rings from Hodad's (San Diego, California)

Maybe I was homesick when I ate at Hodad’s in San Diego, but I swear they make one of the best burgers in the world. Or if not the best burger, then *definitely* the best onion rings in the world. If you don’t believe me, go there and try them yourself. It’ll be worth the trip, I promise.

wild calamari salad at Thoumieux (Paris)

Though our mains at now-Costes-Brothers-owned Thoumieux weren’t very exciting, the starters there were creative, memorable, and most importantly, delicious. The wild calamari salad served with thick lardons and a soft-boiled egg (carbonara style) was both playful and uber tasty. A creamy surf-and-turf. You should eat at Thoumieux for the fresh bread and starters alone, but I guarantee you’ll stay for the atmosphere and good-looking servers.

weisswurst with suesser senf (sweet mustard) and pretzel (Munich)

And I end the year’s list with weisswurst eaten at a cafe (Munchner Schmarkert) in Munich’s Viktualienmarkt. Who would’ve thought a boiled sausage could be so delicious? (Come to think of it, the magic mustard helps).

Here’s to more travels and eating in 2010 . . . .

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