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St. Pancras Eurostar terminal, London

The new Eurostar terminal opened at St. Pancras-King’s Cross station last week, and Jon and I were pretty excited about it because it puts us just 10 minutes away from hopping on speedy trains to Paris and Brussels.

Thinking we were going to Brussels this weekend, we arrived at the new Eurostar terminal at 7 am, and even in my sleepy state, I loved the hushed, shiny newness of the terminal. Whereas Waterloo was claustrophobic, chaotic and carpeted in a dull, utilitarian gray, the new St. Pancras terminal is all single-span, Victorian-era, glass roofed splendor.

And of course there are plenty of conveniences, too: an enormous M&S Food, an attractive gourmet cafe, and the longest champagne bar in Europe. (Leave it to the hard-drinking Brits to come up with that one, no?)

The bad news is that when we handed our train tickets to the ticket collector, we learned that our reservations are for next weekend, not this weekend. Don’t ask.

At least we were back in bed by 8.

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