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Sanduny Baths entrance

The Lonely Planet Moscow guide starts with a “Top Five” list that rates a visit to the Sanduny Baths as Number One. I didn’t think a visit to a Russian banya sounded very appealing (the descriptions I’d read made it sound more fun if you’re a man), but Jon went and loved it. So here’s his guest post on the experience:

Wow. My first guest post.

A few things to know before we start: the banya is a Russian bathhouse. Since childhood, I’ve always enjoyed being in water. I was (and sometimes continue to consider myself) a competitive swimmer. I’m also known to compete in the “executive triathalon” (i.e., sauna, hot tub, and steam room) without even exercising first. So while I’m not an expert, I’ve enjoyed my share of water- and bath-related activities.

My friend Nick, also an American, agreed to join me for our trip to a banya in Moscow. We chose to visit Sanduny Baths, because of how the Lonely Planet Moscow guide talked it up.

The Sanduny Baths have separate facilities for men and women, and for the men, there are three classes of baths: “First Class Man,” “Higher Class Man,” and “Highest Class Man.” Nick and I decided we’re clearly of the highest class and willing to spend 500 rubles (~$20), so off we went to be Highest Class Men.


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