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Rockin\' Girl Blogger

After getting tagged with this honor herself, Tasty Treats passed the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award on to me, which was really kind/rockin’ of her (*thanks*, Charmaine!). Who doesn’t love getting a hot-pink button that says “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” on it? [Boy Bloggers, maybe.]

And because this is the blogosphere, the Award must travel on, so I now bestow the Award upon:

Krista, at Londonelicious, for being so tireless in her efforts to write up every last eating establishment in London (and doing it with both humor and the most generous blog etiquette I’ve seen); and

my friend from high school, Helen, at The Importance of Dessert, for picking up – and of course, blogging about – the most interesting details of our recent trip together to Moscow.

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