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Map of Nantucket Island (from Cape Cod Travel Guide)

Map of Nantucket Island (from Cape Cod Travel Guide)

I usually resist the urge to blog in real-time when I travel, mostly to make sure I don’t miss the fun of traveling by obsessively recording it all.  But right now I am 15 miles off the coast of Cape Cod on a ferry to Nantucket for the weekend, and I can’t believe I have wi-fi.  I’m looking out the window of the ferry, and I see only ocean in all directions. 

On the one hand, I understand the appeal of disappearing to a corner of the earth where nobody can reach you.  On the other, I suppose it’s obvious – given my love of blogging – that I’m the type who enjoys full-time connectivity. 

Anyway, here’s to eating my weight in lobster rolls this weekend.

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