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Daffodils at Holland Park, London

Today, we had sunshine, blue skies and warmth. What a treat to leave our umbrellas at home, at last.

Jon and I celebrated the spring weather by making our first trip, ever, to Holland Park. The park is a mix of manicured grounds, sports fields and woodsy paths. Something for everyone, and today, it seemed everyone was there enjoying the day.

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park, LondonDisappointingly, the park’s resident peacocks were hiding away (probably to avoid the occasional visitor who throws things at them to scare them into showing their feathers), but the perfectly-maintained Kyoto Garden, the gurgle of the fountains in the sculpture garden, and the gazillions of nodding daffodils kept us happy.

So we wandered and then basked in the sun reading books.

Here’s to spring.

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