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Frederic Blondeel mint tea and macaroon, St. Catherine, Brussels

Before we left for Brussels, a couple of our friends in London warned us that the city would be boring “because of all the EU bureaucrats.” But speaking as someone who spent a lot of time in Washington, DC and loved parts of it, I’m always glad to stick up for seat-of-government cities that are overshadowed by more glamorous neighbors.

Pierre Marcolini window display, Grand Sablon, Brussels

Brussels lived up to its positive stereotype as the home of chocolates and frites. I loved the melt-in-your-mouth goodies at Pierre Marcolini. We went to the flagship on the Place du Grand Sablon, and although the shop was mobbed, it meant high inventory turnover, which meant fresh chocolates. I have a weakness for chocolate-covered almonds (dragees), and the almonds here are honey-roasted first, I think, so that after biting through the luscious bittersweet chocolate ganache and cocoa powder, you hit the supremely-crunchy-and-sweet roasted almond. Brilliance in a Box for 9.50 euros. (more…)

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