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Thanksgiving at mine - gluttony on a plate, first servings

Thanksgiving at mine - gluttony on a plate, first servings

First of all, happy Thanksgiving (four days late). I had a fab one, though this year Jon and I made our lives a little easier and had friends over on Saturday, not Thursday. The only downside we found on the Saturday option was that our nearby butcher, E. Wood, couldn’t give us a turkey on a Saturday (only on weekdays, apparently). So we had to schlepp a tad further to James Elliott, who kind of screwed us over with a 4.9 kg bird, instead of the 6 kg we’d ordered. But the turkey we got sure was Mmmm Mmmm good, so no complaints on quality (and it was worth every pence).

Anyway, what I’m most thankful for, in addition to the obvious list of friends, family and health: all of you who take the time to read my blog and keep me sane and happy. (Query what kind of personality loves blogging as much as I do, though).

This month, my wordpress stats tell me I had 16,842 page views, translating to an average of 562 page views a day. In actuality, I get about 700 page views on weekdays, and big, sad dips on weekends. Which tells me that most of you are reading while procrastinating at work. : )

Because I learn so much about building traffic just from seeing where Krista at Londonelicious gets her referrals, I figure I’ll share mine, too (though mine are quite humble in comparison).

My top 5 non-google-directed referrers for the month:


Eat Like a Girl


Tamarind & Thyme

Gourmet Chick

Urbanspoon isn’t a blog, but since Krista highlighted how much readership the site can generate, I’ve learned (1) it’s super easy to contribute content; (2) the site links to your restaurant review in a prominent place; and (3) it also comes in a handy iPhone application form, so when you’re walking about, you can check on Urbanspoon to see what’s highly-rated nearby. Pretty cool, and I’m not even an Apple dork like a certain husband of mine. I’m so hooked on contributing that I (along with other bloggers you’ll recognize) have made it onto Urbanspoon’s London blog leaderboard.

Again, thanks for visiting and commenting!

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