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Cinq Mars bistrot, Paris

Here’s how Jon and I think when we go to Paris: (1) ask friends – preferably Parisian – where to eat; (2) read blogs, boards, and French-language websites to narrow down ideas; (3) figure out the number of meals we have in Paris; and (4) try to “fit” the results of (1) and (2) into (3) while leaving wiggle room for that serendipitous walk by “someplace that looks and smells really good.” It’s quite the challenge, and only a crazy uptight person like me would find this process “fun.”

Based on what I’d read and heard from Parisian friends, Cinq Mars (in the 7th, near the Musee d’Orsay) sounded like it would be ideal for dinner. The words “cool” and “scene” came up almost as often as “good, traditional food.” The thing is, like many bistrots, Cinq Mars is closed on Sundays and Mondays, and Jon and I had already prioritized our Saturday dinner elsewhere. So we dropped by Cinq Mars for lunch on a Saturday. Why am I going through all these more-painful-than-normal details?

Because dropping by Cinq Mars for lunch on the Saturday before Easter was weird. The place was empty except for one other table. When we walked in, one of the two servers greeted us with “ahhh, you’re the person who made the lunch reservation today!” (more…)

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