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Cafe Pushkin exterior

Many of the high-end Moscow restaurants that get current hype in English-language sources sounded unappealing to me, largely because they follow the trend right now in Moscow for “themed” restaurants. Shinok, for example, has live farm animals to enhance its peasant house theme, and Turandot seems to get press that focuses only on the $50 million price tag for its decor.

What I wanted (like any good tourist, I suppose) was something “authentically Russian,” and preferably without the kitschy costumes and props of a “theme.”

The Economist City Guide for Moscow called Cafe Pushkin a “favorite,” and according to the New York Times/Fodor’s blurb, Cafe Pushkin is “perhaps Moscow’s most sophisticated restaurant.” Good start. And when one of Helen’s Moscow friends strongly recommended Cafe Pushkin for good Russian food in a “pre-revolution” mansion setting, I was sold. (That the restaurant turned out to be walking distance from our apartment near Tverskaya was icing on the cake).


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