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Brit Awards 2008 Earls Court

On Wednesday night, Jon and I attended the Brit Awards, which is like the Grammys, but for British recording artists. Lest you think we got tickets through some cool, hip connection, I should disclose that we were guests of the event sponsor, Mastercard.

What this means is that the front of the auditorium (near the stage) is packed with musicians and musician-related people, and the back of the auditorium (where Jon and I sat), is packed with guests of Mastercard and other corporate sponsors.

I’ll admit I never paid attention to the Grammys in the US, but do those awards have corporate sponsors? It seems a little – um – uncool to have a corporate sponsor, doesn’t it?

Things I enjoyed about the Brit Awards: (1) dressing up; (2) seeing Kylie Minogue and Paul McCartney perform live; and (3) wondering if the women lined up in front of me for the bathroom are UK rock celebrities. (more…)

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