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Moro Restaurant exterior, London

Every time I travel to Spain, I get psyched for tapas. But then I inevitably overdo it and learn the meaning of having too much of a good thing. I usually return to London totally uninterested in having tapas ever again.

Luckily, there are long enough gaps between trips to Spain which must be filled with a tapas run or two in London. And my favorite places to get tapas in London, Tapas Brindisa and Moro, are closely related to Brindisa deli, a well-stocked Spanish gourmet shop with locations in Borough Market and Exmouth Market. (Moro gets some of its most delish inventory (i.e., jamon iberico and chorizo) from Brindisa, which just happens to have a location next door to Moro).

Brindisa Shop, Exmouth Market, London

So, the trick with Moro is that it’s packed every night of the week, which means that because Jon and I never plan ahead enough to make a reservation, we end up calling the resto at the last minute and getting a really early (7 pm) or really late (10 pm) table. And even at those early or late hours, the tables are full.

Why so popular?


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