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What with this blog turning four and all, I wanted to thank all you wonderful readers who make food blogging so totally addictive and worth the time, calories and cash.

Last July my blog had 19,042 page views, and I ended this July with 23,017, so there’s heartening growth still happening.  My best month in terms of reader volume was May this year, with 28,840 page views.

Also, no blog birthday would be complete without a shout out to the following five non-google sites/blogs for sending me so much traffic these last 12 months:

Gourmet Chick:  Check here for a great mix of recipes, travel tips and restaurant reviews.  Gourmet Chick’s high-frequency posts manage to be entertaining and well written despite the speed at which she must write them.  Hers is the blog I wish I wrote if I could devote more time to blogging.

Londonelicious:  Krista may have moved back to Chicago, but I have a feeling that her blog will live on.  For pithy reviews on *any* restaurant in London (and I mean any), only Londonelicious will do.

Urbanspoon:  If you haven’t used Urbanspoon yet, you should.  The reason I (and so many other bloggers) love it is because it aggregates content by bloggers, professional critics, and Urbanspoon users, giving each group equal prominence, and allowing you to slice and dice data in useful and interesting ways:  reviews by blogger, by restaurant, by neighborhood . . . I look forward to the day when Urbanspoon expands to non-anglophone cities.

Eat Like a Girl:  If the blogger world has a grand dame, Niamh is probably it.  Read Eat Like a Girl if you are a lover of pork or want to be in-the-know on the latest food news.

Hollow Legs:  Blogs are much loved for having a point of view, and what I love about Hollow Legs is that she doesn’t suffer fools gladly.  As a random aside, I think she ought to share the secret to avoiding obesity given her diet of what appears to be 5,000 calories a day.

And so concludes the self-love fest in honor of my four years of blogging.  Your regularly-scheduled restaurant review to follow shortly, and again, many thanks for reading and leaving comments!

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