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Molokhovets Dream restaurant interior, St. Petersburg

Not learning our lesson at Cafe Pushkin about the questionable quality-to-price ratio of high-end Russian restaurants, Jon and I ate at Molokhovets Dream in St. Petersburg, too. We liked the description of the restaurant in this 2007 New York Times travel article. According to the NYT blurb, the place has six tables, good food, and a good backstory. (Elena Molokhovets was the Julia Child of 18th-century Russia, writing a cookbook (“Gift to Young Housewives”) that was the cookbook for bourgeois women in pre-revolutionary Russia. And this restaurant pays homage to her recipes).

So on a Saturday night in St. Petersburg, we hailed a cab (a real cab – the Moscow practice of just hailing a private car just isn’t done in St. P) and popped on down to Molokhovets Dream, which is not far from Moskovski train station.


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