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Le Comptoir du Relais interior, Paris

Le Comptoir is so conveniently located for tourists and shoppers and has such a good food reputation that magazines, guidebooks and blogs trip over themselves to say nice things. It’s an understatement to say dinner reservations at the tiny bistro are hard to come by, so it’s pretty excellent that the bistro doesn’t take reservations for lunch.

I hadn’t planned to re-visit Le Comptoir this trip (can it really be, already, a year and a half since I was last at Le Comptoir?), but Jon and I found ourselves seized with hunger at around 3 pm on Easter Sunday, and every shop and cafe we sought out was closed for the holiday. So, knowing that the very-French-looking Le Comptoir is open a very un-French-like 24-7 (even holidays!), I walked us over Le Petit Pont and down to Le Comptoir.

Oeufs mayonnaise at Le Comptoir du Relais

Oeufs mayonnaise (the name is the recipe: hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise) may be simple and not much to look at, but I love them. It’s the homemade mayonnaise that makes Le Comptoir’s version a standout – extra yolky with a vinegar tang and black pepper kick. (more…)

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