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Mucho Mas Burritos, Islington

Last night, Jon and I were on our way to grab some Turkish food on Upper Street, the main street in our neighborhood. Just the usual weeknight laziness about cooking.

We stopped dead in our tracks when we spotted Mucho Mas. A burrito/taco joint. In our ‘hood. Holy cow.

It seems at least two other bloggers have already posted about this place (amazing because the owner of Mucho Mas told us he’d just opened last Friday), so I’ll keep it quick with following comments:

1. If you miss Chipotle, you’ll love Mucho Mas. While there’s no Niman This and Niman That going on here, the shredded beef and the shredded pork (carnitas) burritos at Mucho Mas were fresh-tasting and delicious. I was surprised to give shredded beef the slight edge over the carnitas, given my undying love of carnitas, but the beef had stronger seasoning yesterday.  Carnitas was a little undersalted and not as spicy as I would have liked.

2. The guac at Mucho Mas deserves special mention. I don’t know why it’s so hard for restaurants to serve good guac, but the extra dollop at Mucho Mas is well worth 75p. It’s salty, creamy and limey-tangy.

3. Last night, the owner assembled the burritos himself, and we couldn’t imagine a more gracious, friendly bit of service.

The burritos are priced at £5.15-5.95, which means you get a meal in a wrap for about half what a takeaway lunch costs at Itsu. I’ll be eating there mucho mas in the future.

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