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Waterstone’s bookstore at Piccadilly Circus

Like millions of other people, I’m a fan of the Harry Potter books. I admit I gave some thought to whether or not to order it on-line at Amazon in time for Saturday delivery or perhaps to go to a bookstore at midnight to queue for one. But this mere pondering is where my fan-dom ends.

Jon and I were walking out of dinner this evening near Piccadilly, and we were stunned to see the enormous crowd gathered in front of the Waterstone’s near Piccadilly Circus. It looked like a pretty adult crowd (i.e., not too many kids in sight), and I loved all the singing and chanting the crowd threw out. All very festive, especially with all the silly costumes!

Islington Angel Borders Bookstore

Back in our neighborhood, we were even more stunned to see the queue wrapping around a large shopping mall anchored by a Borders. At least in Piccadilly Circus, you can understand the attraction (i.e., it’s an enormous flagship store in the middle of London’s version of Times Square). But at the Islington Angel Borders, you have to wonder why so many people would schlepp over at midnight.  A real testament to the Scholastic marketing juggernaut.

Anyway, no spoilers here, but I am definitely picking up a copy tomorrow, and after that, I can’t say never is forever. Besides, there are already spoilers available on-line, so what’s the harm of another?

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