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Hache Burger Restaurant, exterior

Do I ever miss the US? Of course.One thing that helps ease the pain is Hache Burger Connoisseurs , near Camden tube station.

When Jon and I made our first trip to Hache, we were freaked out by the crowds of Goth-punk-teens hanging out near the Camden Market. But the burgers at Hache are so juicy, the room so cozy and shabby-chic, and the prices so reasonable, we keep going back for more. The French angle (i.e., the restaurant name, the servers with the French accents) throws us off a little, but I suppose high-quality ground beef spans all cultures.I am favorably biased towards places that specialize, and at Hache, the focus on burgers pays off.

The menu offers several burger “flavors” (which basically means the toppings are different), and from sampling the burgers ordered by various friends we’ve gone with to Hache, I think all the burger flavors are good. That said, I always stick with the “au naturel” burger, which means the rich flavor of the unadorned meat gets a chance to shine.

The chips are usually crispy and hot (there have been a few misses in the past), and the onion rings are lightly-battered and made from real onions (not always a given these days).Hache Restaurant, InteriorThe dining room is quaint enough for a quiet date and large enough for big groups of friends. I’m a fan of Hache.

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