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Blossom Chandelier, Form, London

Jon and I spent part of our Sunday browsing the FORM show at the Olympia exhibition center (think the Javits Center, divided in size by twenty and plus a lot more charm).

According to the brochures, FORM is where modern artists, designers, photographers and sculptors show their stuff and sell their wares. It’s £15 a ticket to get in for the privilege of buying expensive goodies, which is about £15 more than we’d normally spend to check out pricy art for sale, but we got the tix for free. Which is why we dropped by. Which means the organizers’ intention to keep out the riffraff failed this time!

We were mildly amused when the security guard checking bags at the entrance pulled out from Jon’s bag a pizza cutter that we’d forgotten we had (don’t ask). The guard asked us what it was; we told him it was a pizza cutter; he nodded; and off we continued, into the exhibition center. The guiding principle of this exchange appears to be that if you can identify the weapon, it’s safe.

Luckily, as much as we enjoyed the idea of slashing modern artwork with a pizza cutter, we refrained and instead enjoyed playing “guess how much that is.” We’re very cultured this way.

So, let’s see how good you are. Guess how much the following item costs (and yes, it’s a chair made out of stuffed animal alligators):

Alligator chair at Form, London

If you guessed $32,000, you’d be right! Good work.

To be fair, there were some truly gorgeous items for sale, like the “blossom” chandelier by Tord Boontje (see photo at top). It’s made of Swarovski crystals and for $34,000, it, too, can be yours.

Well, to the lucky ducks out there buying blossom chandeliers and stuffed animal alligator chairs, I ask you: why aren’t we friends?

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