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Tex Mex Tapas Bar in Notting Hill

Despite the rain and the gloom today (as well as the suspension of services on the ever-frustrating Circle Line), Jon and I traveled west to visit our friends and have dinner in Notting Hill, where neither our friends nor we live.

So, then, why the schlepp to Notting Hill?  Well, it just so happens that our friends have a discovery on their hands.

The Tequila Tex Mex Tapas Bar (19 Notting Hill Gate) sets off all kinds of warning bells to stay away.Interior of Tequila Tex Mex

First, what does Tex Mex have to do with tapas? Second, what’s with the flashing multi-colored Christmas lights and cheesy sombrero-strewn decor? Third, why does the menu offer (in addition to quesadillas and assorted tapas dishes) couscous?

Sometimes, though, you have to throw caution to the wind, ignore all the warning signs, and go with the flow. At the Tequila Tex Mex Tapas Bar, our servers were friendly and attentive, the decor took on a friendly, warm glow, and the food was fresh and flavorful.

It’s true that tex-mex food is nothing fancy (this place is a far cry from the “real” Mexican food that Green and Red aspires to), but then again, we’ve been burned enough times by bad tex-mex that to eat something well-prepared and simple is something to crow about.

We started with barbecued ribs, which were sweet and spicy and eminently chompable, though if it were up to me, I’d cook them just a little bit longer to reach falling-off-the-bone status. Serious Nachos at the Tequila Tex Mex

A monster-high pile of layered cheese, braised beef, sour cream, chili peppers and crispy, you-can-taste-the-corn nachos made for a serious appetizer. Undeterred by the size of said dish, the four of us polished everything off in about ten minutes.

Honestly, we could (should) have stopped eating after the nachos, but the siren call of the enchiladas lured us in for more. The four of us shared an order of beef enchiladas and another of chicken enchiladas. The flour tortillas were soft and chewy; the fillings were braised and savory; the sides of rice and beans was home-made-and-fresh-tasting.All this tasty food and our tab was about £15 a person (though keep in mind it was not a drinking night). We will definitely be back, and cheers to Cathy and Bobby on a restaurant well found.

14 March 2007 Update: I went back for dinner and drinks, and the service was still friendly, but slow and disorganized. My friend Jill and I had to ask repeatedly for basics like water and the bill, which was annoying. I think the drop in service compared to my last visit was because the owner wasn’t around. The margaritas were large, but too sticky from the margarita mix, and the “regular” nacho appetizer was made of cheese-flavored Doritos. Not at all like the “grande” nachos I’d a few weeks ago with Cathy and Bobby. The enchiladas and burrito were still good, so I’d say this trip was a mixed bag.

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