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Sadly, I have not been eating or cooking anything photogenic or worth describing over the past few days.

However, in my slow-but-sure quest to write up all our wanderings in the last 12 months, I finally created a page about our trip to Amsterdam this past May, so please have a look.

In other news (not food or travel related, but such an accomplishment it has to be mentioned – plus, New York was originally New Amsterdam – OK, am I grasping for a connection or what?), my brother-in-law Matt ran in the New York City marathon last Sunday. His time was an impressive 4:12:46, which is a pace of just over ten minutes a mile. I struggle to keep that pace running a measly 5K, so cheers to Matt! [If someone has a photo of Matt crossing the finish line, send it my way and I’ll post it here so he’ll be world-famous. : )]

And I know I said a few weeks ago that I’d try to cool it with the gym stories, but since I’m talking about running, I’m giving myself license to segue into the gym again. Tomorrow (Thursday), the gym will inaugurate the opening of two new studios for classes by hosting a special 1.5-hour class that you can attend only if (get this) you wear “fancy dress” (i.e., a costume). Not just any costume – you have to wear a superhero costume.

I am definitely going to have to take a photo. How anybody manages to exercise for 1.5 hours in a costume is impossible to imagine.

This costume extravaganza will be followed with (alcoholic) drinks in the gym cafe/lounge. As if you weren’t already dehydrated from exercising in your superhero costume. I love my gym – it adds so much color to my week.

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