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So today the CEO of our company paid our office a visit. Because he addressed the commoners from 12 noon to 2 p.m. (i.e., prime lunch eating time), the company put out huge bags of Walkers crisps (aka potato chips) to tide us over. The crisps were in variety packs, and I was frightened when people actually *argued* over who would get the last bag of “prawn cocktail” crisps, which was followed closely in popularity by the “lamb mint” crisps. In the spirit of trying things, I had the “barbecue rib” flavor and it was totally gross. It tasted more like a meaty curry than the sweet spiciness of a barbecue flavor chip back home. Note that Walkers also makes Tomato Ketchup, Marmite Yeast Extract, and Roast Chicken-flavored crisps. Do non-Americans find our potato chip flavors as bizarre as I find the UK ones?

Because it was so sunny and breezy today, I went for a run around Highbury Field in the evening. On my way back to the flat, I passed a Japanese restaurant about to open on Upper Street. It looks like it’ll be pretty upscale and sleek, but guess what its name is going to be? Ah-So. Seriously.

Oh and I regret my making fun of British advertising yesterday (re: Appletiser). A brochure that I found today on the floor near our mail slot is awesome. It features David Hasselhof flogging Pipex broadband services. The front of the brochure shows “the Hoff” wearing some tight black leather pants and giving a thumbs-up. And then the inside of the brochure is even funnier/kitschier.

Sample: “Not only am I witty and charming, but I can also speak a little Puerto Rican. This is important when you have as much international appeal as I do. I mean, obviously Pipex may offer super-fast and reliable 8Mb broadband at an amazingly low price, but have they ever had a number one hit single in Germany? Of course they haven’t!”

Anyway, on the basis of this brochure, I am going to re-evaluate my up-till-now low opinion of marketing in the UK.

OK, I can’t resist – here’s another quality excerpt: “Everyone’s gotta have an ambition. For some, it’s to drive a really cool talking car. For others, it’s becoming a hairdresser. Both supply a pivotal role in the community. Whatever you do, make sure you’re damned good at it. Like Pipex. They’ve been around since 1991, and so they’re almost as good at Internet, as I am at chest hair.”
I’m definitely saving this brochure. If you want to get even more into it, check out the Pipex website featuring his royal Hoffness.

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